In addition to having one of best voices we've heard in the twenty-first century, Ms. Thorpe is also a songwriter of the highest calibre. -

Can you say “Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, and Arrested Development” together? - Middle Tennessee Music

Thorpe is a wicked multi-instrumentalist with a low, smoky alto. She is also a composer of infinite cleverness . . . She knows the rules and breaks them, taking risks that pay off time and time again . . . Simply put, Thorpe is extremely talented. - Cindy Filipenko, Herizons

A talented storyteller and multi-instrumentalist with a sense of humour, Thorpe’s music is warm, accessible, inviting, and impressive. - POP Montréal

Photo by Ted Belton

Photo by Ted Belton

Looking like one of Robert Palmer’s models, Thorpe has a voice and aesthetic that is completely her own. Sure, her throaty vocals might remind you of Natalie Merchant or, more recently, Florence Welch, but her lyrics and musical inclinations are other-worldly. Part folk, part electronica, and part straight-up spoken-word, it’s earcandy with a message . . . She could tell us to do whatever she wants, and I guarantee we’d be out the door before the song finished . . . It’s just Dinah Thorpe, her soul, and her undeniable talent. - Allison Johnelle Boron for Popdose

. . . a soft-spoken Natalie Merchant with the unapologetic opinions of Natalie Maines, and vocally reminiscent of translucent songstress fairies Feist and Olga Bell. - Earmilk

To say that Toronto indie chanteuse Dinah Thorpe defies easy categorization is to misunderstand the word "easy" . . . everything -- and we mean everything -- seems to come rather easy, actually, to this chameleon-like songwriter and instrumentalist . . . Thorpe has drawn comparisons to Laurie Anderson -- for her smart, theatrical spoken-word tracks set to an electro-beat pulse (see: "Weird", a "song" unlike any you'll hear this or any year). Also, Beth Orton, for the droll, simply laid out alto vocals and spare folk-tronica structures behind songs such as "Every Bit Hurts" and "In The Country". In the end, however, comparisons come down to just so much drivel when searching for the right words to define or describe an artist -- and we do mean artist -- like Thorpe. - Direct Current

It’s as though she’s mapped out where everything fits for perfect use, and she’s meticulous . . . This album is so deliciously twisted... - Michael Thomas for Grayowl Point

. . . an innovative singer-songwriter who fearlessly takes chances with her undefinable sound.  - Cindy Filipenko, Herizons

 The enigmatic Canadian songstress Dinah Thorpe is definitely an artist I would carefully label ‘one of a kind’. Though over the course of her career she has drawn comparisons to everyone from Feist to Nina Simone, Thorpe’s unique message and delivery have consistently set her apart from the pack . . . Dinah makes it clear within the first few bars of ‘Lullabies and Wake Up Calls’ that she is in no way tied to the lineage of guitar strumming female singers who fain sexiness as they whisper sweet nothings over their electro-tinged folk. No, no, this is a real artist; the kind that harks back to the days of Annie Lennox and KD Lang. - Penny Stevens for Awediohub

 . . . truly a showcase of versatile talent. - Troy Arnold for

Dinah Thorpe's Lullabies could be a Wake-Up Call for your mix - Jedi Bret for Small Barn Sound

Her bold opinions and engaging beats are a fantastic combo for the academic and the rug cutter. - In the Dead of Winter 

Seemingly nothing is outside Dinah’s range. - Michael Finney, Speakercone